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Church Images | Free to Use

I needed to make some posters and I was looking for stock photos…

There is some very specific Church of England stuff that we do, and of course there aren’t stock images out there for them. With Storm Dennis raging, I had time to make some.

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SumUp | Stock Photo for Church Giving

I’m trailing the new stand alone app for contactless giving that comes with SumUp.  I realised there was no good stock image to make a poster out of.  Everything looks like a business.  So I took one.  Do with it whatever you like.


A Creative’s Lament

I inherited a little bit of money so I am awaiting the delivery of a new camera. I’ve been into photography for about 12-13 years now. I have various equipment but I predominantly use a Canon DSLR.

Northern Spain in the Sun
Northern Spain
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