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Richmond Castle Grayskull | Trying Generative Fill

Richmond Castle Grayskull

Like everyone, I’ve been having a play with Adobe’s new photo editing tool, generative fill. Using AI it is now a short leap from imagination to realisation. Ruth and I visited Richmond Castle yesterday and as I looked at the tower my brain screamed “I Have The Power”! And even in a campsite with mobile phone data, it seems I do. After the edit, I added heavy colour grade in Lightroom and away we go.

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Fun With Film

The Album Cover

Every year during the summer run some 35mm film through my Grandad’s old camera. Nearly 45 years ago he used it to take thousands of photos of me and my kid brother. When Grandad got ill it was passed to me to put on a shelf like an ornament. But I keep picking it off the shelf and taking it camping.

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Church Images | Free to Use

I needed to make some posters and I was looking for stock photos…

There is some very specific Church of England stuff that we do, and of course there aren’t stock images out there for them. With Storm Dennis raging, I had time to make some.

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SumUp | Stock Photo for Church Giving

I’m trailing the new stand alone app for contactless giving that comes with SumUp.  I realised there was no good stock image to make a poster out of.  Everything looks like a business.  So I took one.  Do with it whatever you like.