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I have been playing around with my new holga camera and doing some cross processing.  Thought you may be interested in my first decent result.

Jesus Heals!

So as we wandered  around Borders contemplating how none of the sections had quite the book we were looking for we came across this – a perfect metaphor!

Something fun to do on New Years Day!

Here’s something you can do – probably without leaving the house!  A few months ago I met  guy called John who takes amazing shots using a pinhole camera.  I learned how to make a camera obscurer at primary school so I understood the principle.  I did a little research into the topic and realised that half of the fun of pinhole photography is the Blue Peter aspect of making the camera.  I discovered that I could make a home made pinhole camera without even leaving the house as I had a film sitting on the shelf. 

 This link goes to plans that you can print out and make now!  I used a 35mm film, cereal packet, electricians tape, can of Stella and a encil from Bede’s World to take this arty shot.  Give it a try!