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A Creative’s Lament

I inherited a little bit of money so I am awaiting the delivery of a new camera. I’ve been into photography for about 12-13 years now. I have various equipment but I predominantly use a Canon DSLR.

Northern Spain in the Sun
Northern Spain
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Wish, Life, Love | The Search for Meaning

I was wandering around the supermarket when I spotted this set of tea light holders.  This was after I had visited The Works Publisher’s Outlet and looked at a shelf of crystal infused self help books that were anything but.  We search for deeper meaning.  Even divorced from it’s context I think I prefer “Faith, Hope and Love”.

Going to Church for the First Time | Carcassonne

A Monk in the Monastery

In uncertain French Ruth boldly states “We are here for the mass”. 
“Are you sure?  Lots of people say that they are here for the mass but get up after ten minutes and wander around” replies the keeper of the door.

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