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Visiting the Turin Shroud

In 2020 we were due to go on pilgrimage to Assisi and Oberammergau as part of my sabbatical. With travel restrictions lingering on for two years, Ruth and I decided to make our trip on our motorbikes.

A copy of the shroud at Museo Della Sindone
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Silver Wedding Anniversary

Twenty five years ago today, Ruth and I were married. And to celebrate, we threw a massive party at the weekend. Live music, food, drink and friends.

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Richmond Castle Grayskull | Trying Generative Fill

Richmond Castle Grayskull

Like everyone, I’ve been having a play with Adobe’s new photo editing tool, generative fill. Using AI it is now a short leap from imagination to realisation. Ruth and I visited Richmond Castle yesterday and as I looked at the tower my brain screamed “I Have The Power”! And even in a campsite with mobile phone data, it seems I do. After the edit, I added heavy colour grade in Lightroom and away we go.

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