Month: October 2013

Ponder the Mystery

William Shatner causes me to consider the absurdity whilst contemplating the profundity.

I’m never sure whether he is serious or not.  I am also unsure which of these would disturb me most.

Dude, we were totally lied to by our album covers!

What to do with yourself when you’re away from church and off on holiday? Visit a cathedral of course! For the heady price of €1 at Ibiza Cathedral you can see the nice things they stash out the back.

The most interesting thing was a set of paintings showing some interesting medieval folk law intertwined with biblical imagery to produce an epic 70’s album cover!

Here is the whole work.


Look at the fabulous faces within it.


The main protagonist.


The scenes of torture at the back.


The pained expressions of the damned.


Wait. What have we here?


I wonder what this filthy heretic has done or said? Who has he offended?

I love the way in which real people are often painted into ancient scenes. I wonder who this guy was and who he offended.

Now I want to go and listen to some 70’s vinyl. Perhaps some Saxon or some Priest!

David Mitchell on Atheism, Agnosticism and Theism

David Mitchell is one of my favourite comedians. I see quite a bit of myself in him if I’m honest. When people discuss religion in the pub I find myself engaging in a very similar manner by trying to unpick what people are saying and see if there is much within that can be held together rationally. I much prefer his style of engagement to the blinkered sledge hammer of someone like Tim Minchin.

For many years I’ve suspected that David Mitchell was a reasoned agnostic. In this clip he gives a very good account of his position and why he is unconvinced by aggressive atheists.