Month: February 2022

Let All Mortal Flesh | New Release

Let All Mortal Flesh is now available on major streaming sites or for download from iTunes.

It came out in November in time for advent but our website was down. Subscribe to Robb and Ruth Sutherland for future releases – we are working on some of our original songs.

We’re Back!

My website disappeared at the beginning of December.  You probably didn’t notice.  It broke.

I am incredibly grateful to Fr Simon for getting everything back online.  Rebuilding has been quite an in-depth process.  I hope that I have managed to bring order to the chaos that comes from having a website that began it’s life on Myspace over fifteen years ago.  Since then, I’ve migrated to WordPress, which then became “changingworship dot com” and then eventually, robbsutherland.com.

Done is better than perfect | Something I am going to try to live by.

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