Month: October 2012

A Prayer of Brendan


“I thank you for this, my God,
I am a traveller and stranger
in the world,
like so many of Your people
before me.

There is a sense of adventure,
of openness to possibilities,
abandonment to God
and expectation
of fulfilling his will.

I accept the responsibility,
I’ll hear and obey,
and trust it is Your voice I hear,
the call of the Spirit,
the cry of the Bird of Heaven.

It is a Yes to risky living…

The sea takes me;
where I do not know,
but I gladly go.
And I can only trust
every word You say,
and obey.”

– Celtic Daily Prayer
Northumbria Community

Creativity, Enjoying the Journey | Neil Gaiman

This is a video that everyone on earth should watch at least once.  Most people should watch it often.

When I graduated the first time I couldn’t even tell you who spoke to us, let alone what they spoke about.  It certainly didn’t inspire me to go and live life and enjoy the journey.  Needless to say, the second time around I graduated in absentia…