Month: July 2023

Richmond Castle Grayskull | Trying Generative Fill

Richmond Castle Grayskull

Like everyone, I’ve been having a play with Adobe’s new photo editing tool, generative fill. Using AI it is now a short leap from imagination to realisation. Ruth and I visited Richmond Castle yesterday and as I looked at the tower my brain screamed “I Have The Power”! And even in a campsite with mobile phone data, it seems I do. After the edit, I added heavy colour grade in Lightroom and away we go.

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Fun With Film

The Album Cover

Every year during the summer run some 35mm film through my Grandad’s old camera. Nearly 45 years ago he used it to take thousands of photos of me and my kid brother. When Grandad got ill it was passed to me to put on a shelf like an ornament. But I keep picking it off the shelf and taking it camping.

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Work in Progress

We are a work in progress. We’re always a work in progress. Coming to the point where we finish the creative process is always difficult. How do you know when a song is finished?

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Get Your Creative On! Multi Arts Retreat

Ruth and I went for a walk last autumn where we were talking about creativity and why we don’t see it out in the wild like we used to.  We could wax lyrical about the failure to invest in the creative arts… or we could encourage creativity.  Always wanting to be part of the solution rather than the problem, we picked the latter.  For the last 9 months or so we have been planning events to encourage creativity in the place where we live.  I am fortunate that in my role as parish priest, I have a really supportive community at Holy Nativity who encourage us to do this kind of thing.  So we have organised a few live music performances – something we hope to continue to do over coming years.  And as part of this drive for creativity, we’ve organised a Multi Arts Retreat next week.

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