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Downcast Souls Expectant Hearts | New Music from Resound

Modern church music often struggles to express the deep emotions of grief, sorrow and lament held in tension with the certain hope of the Christian faith. Resound Worship have done a lot of work to engage with this over the course of the last couple of years and has been a big part of the 12 Song Challenge. Last week, the long anticipated Double Album, Downcast Souls Expectant Hearts was released. It has been a long project in the making bringing together the work of different songwriters from around the world.

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God of All Comfort | Singing at EETG

I have been involved with the Estates Evangelism Task Group and Partner’s Conference at High Leigh. Ninety practitioners gathered together to look at the challenges facing us in the future serving our communities. There has been a lot of challenge for The Church to reform its institutional bias and refocus on those who live in poverty. That however is for a later post.

God of All Comfort | Resound Worship
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Praise the God of Grace and Glory | Streaming Now

Metanoia have been in the studio and the first of our Christmas releases is out now for streaming!  It is a cover of a Resound Worship song by Judy Gresham that we’ve been playing at Rock Mass for a few years.

Link to Spotify. It is also available on other major streaming platforms.

We hope to put together a lyric video for this in the coming days. We also hope to releasing a Christmas Carol in a couple of weeks time.