We wanted to keep Away in a Manger for the Christingle but have some decent theology. So we took the Magnificat and set it to the tune.

And of course if you want the lyrics….

If you would like to read our original rational about it, you can find it here.

Mary’s Lullaby (Away in a Manger)

Away in a manger, asleep on the hay,
I will watch over you at the end of the day,
The stars in the bright sky shine down where you lie,
As angels sing ‘Glory be to God on high’.

My spirit rejoices, for news of your birth
Like wildfire will spread over all of the earth;
A light in our darkness, a hope for the poor,
God’s gift to all people of life evermore.

Your name shall be Jesus, for this holy night
Is fulfilment of promise through God’s saving might;
But now sleep in peace, as I sing lullaby,
I will stay by your side til your dawning is nigh.

– Lyrics adapted by Ruth and Robb Sutherland

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