I inherited a little bit of money so I am awaiting the delivery of a new camera. I’ve been into photography for about 12-13 years now. I have various equipment but I predominantly use a Canon DSLR.

Northern Spain in the Sun
Northern Spain

As I sit here I realise that I’m going to have to relearn a lot of what I do.  The buttons will be in different places and it will have a different workflow.  Having an eye for a shot will be the same.  Composition, framing, focus, exposure and depth of field will all be the same, if I can find the buttons to use them on a newer camera.

Workflow is a necessary evil to enable the creative process to happen.  Whether it be a new piece of music gear or a piece of video editing software.  I feel like I spend more time working out how to use new buttons in new locations to do the same things I was doing before.