Year: 2013

Dodgy | Christmas at the Foodbank

I hadn’t heard of Dodgy since their one hit (did they have more?) Good Enough.  It would seem a timely reminder of the real poverty that some experience here in the UK.  You only have to scroll two posts on this blog to find the last time I pointed out the injustice of the gap between the rich and the poor.

Please support your local foodbank.  It is a vital lifeline for people whilst the current government fails the most vulnerable in society.

If you are local to here, please support our local foodbank.

Pass The Nativity

All credit to Ellie Wilson our diocesan advisor for the under fives! Awesomeness abounds.

I just happened to be sat in the children and youth department’s office being a disturber of the peace. When talking about what was going on I mentioned our toddler group and Ellie tumbled out a gazillion awesome ideas.

The one I latched on to was pass the nativity. Santa comes and chocolate will be had. Excellent. But Playmobil make a nativity set. By wrapping them up in order we can tell of Jesus’ birth by playing pass the parcel.

So tomorrow morning they will come out when the music stops and I will sit and tell the tale of Jesus birth to some fresh ears who have never heard it before.

The equipment:


At the centre is JC, wrapped in gold at the heart of the package.


There is also Playmobil Saint Nicholas (not Santa). Postie hasn’t delivered him yet so I’ll have to wait until next year to play with him.

This is the order I’ve wrapped them:


Child Poverty

Yesterday I was watching TV when this advert came on.

The day before that Dave Walker posted this cartoon.


Today I watched Prime Ministers questions where they jeered at each other like a bunch of 18th century toffs fighting over a slice of pie whilst arguing the pros and cons of an 11% pay rise for MPs.

I have another statistic.  48% of the children in my community where I live are in child poverty.

Can you stop taunting, mocking, sneering and scoffing at each other for two minutes and look around at the real people we are talking about?  Two minutes of behaving like lives matter?  Two minutes of pretending you’re not sat in a swanky all expenses paid members club for the privileged?