I keep running from one thing to another and have been neglecting my blog.  I’ve got loads of creative stuff I’ve done but none of it has appeared here.  This morning (far too early this morning) I was inspired by @frsimon “Oh yes we do!” posted on his blog.  I have been looking for inspiration for what I am going to do for collective worship this year and “who are you” seems like a big enough question for us to sink our teeth into.  @RevLeahVS and I were chatting and she told me about Fischy Music’s Big Big Questions and the kids always complain if I don’t bring the guitar with me.

(I’ve just bought a massive crate and some castors so I should be able to get the electric guitar and amp and a giant paschal candle and laptop and all of the other assorted gubbins I need to play with 200 primary school kids for 20 minutes rather than the acoustic)

Here is the prezi I used.

Here is the intro video I mashed together for it.

Here is Simon’s script.  And if you prefer it… his prezi with icons of each of the Saints.