Please don’t think I’m turning into one of those overly critical Christians who spends all of their time beating up their brothers and sisters.  I know that the last thing I put here was quite bleak in its outlook or as Pat commented, “somewhat depressing listening “.  If you read my Big Bible blog about the afternoon Ruth and I spent in a cafe in Keighley you will notice that what I have been aiming for in the last couple of weeks is encouraging Christians to positive action and reclamation of the good news lived out.

So what has this above clip got to offer this debate about public perceptions of Christianity?  How does that bear out in the reality I experience of the people I live and work amongst as a minister?  If you watch the clip, you will notice a parody of Christianity that may or may not speak to you.  As a Sci-fi and Fantasy fan, the references resonate with me – they may pass you by.  If you read the comments on YouTube you will notice that many people have risen to the bait and begun the process of proving the clip right.  In some respects it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The clip may as well contain the line, “Some Christians are likely to treat you like this, just read the comments for the proof”.

It would seem that the criticism here is not of faith itself but of the way in which people hold their faith.  Unfortunately it is often those that shout loudest in small numbers that are perceived to speak for the majority.  You will notice that the two positive…. ok, ‘neutral’ views of Christianity were given a mere second in a clip that lasts for three minutes. 

I must hurry up and finish the rota for next week before my Dungeons and Dragons group arrive…