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We’re Back!

My website disappeared at the beginning of December.  You probably didn’t notice.  It broke.

I am incredibly grateful to Fr Simon for getting everything back online.  Rebuilding has been quite an in-depth process.  I hope that I have managed to bring order to the chaos that comes from having a website that began it’s life on Myspace over fifteen years ago.  Since then, I’ve migrated to WordPress, which then became “changingworship dot com” and then eventually, robbsutherland.com.

Done is better than perfect | Something I am going to try to live by.

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RIP Desmond Tutu

At the Community of the Resurrection

RIP Archbishop Desmond Tutu. A genuine modern legend who truly had an impact upon the world and brought about change for the better. Someone who gave gave us a glimpse of the Kingdom of God, a hope of a world in which people are created equal and not trapped by the structures society places them into.

When I met Desmond Tutu, I had been ordained about five minutes. I was a young guy with long hair who spent most of his life answering the question “are you really a vicar?” On the day of my ordination I wasn’t even sure my own bishop thought I was suitable. I imagined him going along the line, putting his hands on the other candidates heads, getting to me and skipping me in the line.

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