Last week, Ruth and I played at Live Lounge at Holy Nativity.  I gave the camera to one of the teenagers to grab some snaps. I think she may have discovered the concept of bokeh.

The main musical attraction for the evening was Olwen Ringrose and bringing her back to Holy Nativity was fantastic. As she shared her music and faith with us we found ourselves singing along with songs that have become part of our regular rotation at home.  Check her out in all of the usual places.

We were also blessed with the presence of Elise Massa who came down for the weekend.  By 8:30pm, we had promoted her to the band for the 10am service with Olwen and Ruth.  It was amazing.

For the last year Ruth and I have been road testing our latest material. We are currently exploring different production options as we hope to produce an album in 2024.  We also hope that Live Lounge will grow as a place where grass roots artists can share their music in the heart of the community in which we live.