Last week we released If We Make The Lord Our Stronghold for streaming on all of the major platforms. Now we have a lyric video up on YouTube.

We wrote this song based upon Psalm 91 adding St Patrick’s Breastplate as a refrain. We wanted to make sure that we made something that could be used by any local church – which is why we recorded it like this rather than in our usual rock style. We have been using it for a few months at Holy Nativity it works really well with a congregation. We were really pleased that it was used in the worship at On Fire’s national conference this year. People were asking for the resources to sing it in their own churches so here you go:

Ruth and I have been talking about starting a Patreon account through which we could make resources like sheet music available. The reality of being a musician is that it is a bottomless pit we pour all of our money into. Most importantly though, we want some of these songs to be sung – that’s what music is for! So these resources are for you to use. Download our music or use the lyric videos however you see fit – no strings attached. We would love it if you could credit us – we’re trying to get on to CCLI. And if you would like to show your appreciation by “tipping” us, we will spend whatever you give us unwisely – by making more music with it.