This post is a long time coming. The stunning paintwork is by Dave at DDK Airbrushing.

DDK Airbrushing

If you have followed us for any length of time you will know that Ruth and I travel the world on two wheels. There will be a full blog about Ruth’s bike in a few weeks. She fell in love with it fifteen years ago and that’s her bike. She doesn’t want another one. So three years ago we decided to deal with the fifteen years of European wear and tear.

Through various circumstances, we had to bring it back from being done one chilly day in February 2022. And someone pulled out in front of me. So it did 7 miles with this stunning paint job before a very minor accident in which I broke my ribs.

A combination of Brexit and finding parts for a 15 year old bike, it is only now back with us and perfect. Strangely, the paintwork survived with a tiny scuff which Dave from DDK rather graciously fixed.

A huge thank you to Dave at DDK. I really want to do my bike with a Terminator 2 theme. Perhaps 2025 when I’ve put a few more miles on the clock riding to Italy.