About six months ago we were talking about the highly infectious ancient hymn, Hail Holy Queen. If you’ve ever watched Sister Act you can’t help but sing along.  We wanted to sing it at Rock Mass with Metanoia but needed to make it work in a service that takes place monthly. We have reworked it to fit with the feast of Christ The King.  When we have played it at Rock Mass, it worked really well.

Obviously at Rock Mass we punked it, but it doesn’t have to be.  We’ve put together a chord sheet for you to use in any service.

Below you will find lyrics as they are easier to cut and paste if you have other music. Apologies for the formatting on my blog – it’s not the best for lyrics.

Hail Holy King – Reworked by Robb and Ruth Sutherland

1. Hail, holy King enthroned above, Hallelujah!
Hail! King of mercy and of love! Hallelujah!

Triumph, all ye Cherubim,
Sing with us ye Seraphim,
Heaven and earth resound the hymn:
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

2. Our life, our sweetness here below, Hallelujah!
Our hope in sorrow and in woe, Hallelujah!

3. To thee we cry, children of Eve, Hallelujah!
To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, Hallelujah!

4. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, Hallelujah!
Towards us thine eyes compassionate, Hallelujah!

5. The cause of joy to us below, Hallelujah!
The spring through which all graces flow, Hallelujah!

Angels, all your praises bring,
Earth and heaven, with us sing,
All creation echoing,
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

Ruth and I have been talking about starting a Patreon account through which we could make resources like sheet music available. The reality of being a musician is that it is a bottomless pit we pour all of our money into. Most importantly though, we want some of these songs to be sung – that’s what music is for! So these resources are for you to use. Download our music or use the lyric videos however you see fit – no strings attached. We would love it if you could credit us – we’re trying to get on to CCLI. And if you would like to show your appreciation by “tipping” us, we will spend whatever you give us unwisely – by making more music with it.