Apologies for my absence on the blog.  It has been all go round these ‘ere parts.  One thing that I have been doing is preparing for Greenbelt festival.  I thought I’d let you all know what’s happening and where you can find me if you are coming to Greenbelt this year.

This has involved a long distance trip for Fr Simon who came all the way up to God’s Country to rehearse for the Blesséd Mass on Friday night.  Metanoia (the band for the Rock Mass) have been preparing for the live music aspects of the opening service of the festival.  It has been fantastic working with Fr Simon and the Blesséd and we’re really looking forward to worshipping together.  I’ll probably grab two minutes to say more after the service itself.  Please come along to the Big Top on Friday evening at 5:30 to be truly Blesséd.

I will also be helping out with the social media surgeries for Graham Richards.  I may also be in The Jesus Arms.  It’s just possible.

If you are going to Greenbelt this year, please come along and say hello.  I’ll probably be tweeting throughout.