I came across this video last week when I had limited access to the internet.

One of the key things about the alt:worship movement is that it has allowed the ideas that people have to develop, to flourish, to mutate and to be explored. Historically, the church has been the hub of the arts and provided funding, space and time for much of our cultural heritage in the United Kingdom. Music, painting, sculpture and writing, in fact most of the “high culture” of the past millennium was not just inspired by but funded by the church. It strikes me that the current pattern for is becoming geared towards creating management structures within our churches rather than spaces for ideas. Phil Ritchie spotted something similar and asked the question “where are the poet priests?” a few months ago. I also posted about the “envisioning lab“.

How do we create an environment in which good ideas can be fostered within our church structures? Just some food for thought.