We have spent an inordinate amount of our adult lives travelling around Northern Europe in search of Neolithic artefacts. We’ve done most of that on the back of a Harley. We’ve been all over Shetland, Orkney, The Outer Hebrides and various sites in mainland Britain. Two years ago when we toured around northern Spain and up through France we stopped at Carnac to see the alinement with field after field of standing stones. Of all the places we have visited, Stonehenge was the least entertaining experience.

So far we have spent a week in Brittany riding from monument to monument. They are so frequent here we’re deciding which ones we have time to visit. We’ve yet to see a monument used as a fence post like we did in Shetland but we have seen at least one in someone’s back garden.

This afternoon we visited Les Mégalithes de Monteneuf. We sat in the midst of the six thousand year old stones and The Bassplayer™ turned to me and said:

Stonehenge is rubbish. Here we are in the midst of this enormous stone structure, it was free to enter and we are the only two people here! I’m not having to look over someone’s shoulder whilst they take photos of it from behind a fence.

I tend to agree with her.