Ruth and I went for a walk last autumn where we were talking about creativity and why we don’t see it out in the wild like we used to.  We could wax lyrical about the failure to invest in the creative arts… or we could encourage creativity.  Always wanting to be part of the solution rather than the problem, we picked the latter.  For the last 9 months or so we have been planning events to encourage creativity in the place where we live.  I am fortunate that in my role as parish priest, I have a really supportive community at Holy Nativity who encourage us to do this kind of thing.  So we have organised a few live music performances – something we hope to continue to do over coming years.  And as part of this drive for creativity, we’ve organised a Multi Arts Retreat next week.

In my last post, I mentioned Elise and Andy.  They are going to facilitate as we explore our creativity.  Whether you have been an artist for years and are looking for space to create, or if you’ve always wanted to have a creative outlet but not known where to start and this is your first go at dipping your toe in the water, this is for you!

If you live within striking distance of Halifax, check out all of the details on Holy Nativity’s Website.  Buy a ticket at Eventbrite.  Buy clay, new strings, needle and thread, paint and brushes from your favourite craft shop.  Then come and be creative!