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Next to Me | Alternative Hymnal

One of the easiest ways to amuse me is to throw “I know it’s not your kind of music but…..”  I can only assume that lots of people listen to stuff that Simon Cowell is making cash from.  Here is a song Ruth and I were listening to on the radio in the car yesterday.  She was intrigued by the lyrics and their potential.  So here I offer you, Emeli Sandé with Next To Me.

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Three and a Half Letters (I Need a Job) | Alternative Hymnal

The church is in a process of focussing its attention more closely on issues of wealth and poverty.  People are standing on the steps of the Cathedral and asking the question “what would Jesus do”.  This is the new song from Chickenfoot’s second album.  Sammy Hagar reads three and a half letters that were sent to his charitable foundation asking for help.  It has become the soundtrack of my life for the last two weeks.

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Are You Gonna Go My Way? | Alternative Hymnal

It hardly seems two minutes since this was playing on radio stations around the globe and yet my calendar informs me that it was released 18 years ago in 1993.  This month’s Classic Rock Magazine has an interview with Lenny Kravitz about the iconic song he wrote on the back of a paper bag that took the world by storm.

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The Sacrament | Alternative Hymnal

I humbly perform before you an act of contrition.  Dr Ruth pointed out that for the last few years she has wanted to play this song in church, probably at a Rock Mass and that she told me about it a long time ago.  I have to admit that I may have heard her say this but I never got around to doing something about it.  So here I offer my humble apologies to my wife.  I also offer you The Sacrament by Him as an addition to The Alt:Hymnal.  It’s very ‘igh.

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